Direct Carrier Billing

Globocom’s Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a remote payment method that allows users to use their mobile devices to pay for online goods, products, support, services, and content ( on mobile phones, tablets, and Smart TVs). Globocom’s key DCB process advantages are

  • Ease of use
  • OTP Based Authentication
  • Click Based Paymen
  • Offer Remote purchases
  • Availability – anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient for all age groups

Structured DCB Connections

The pure telco payment method enables users to use the 'pay by mobile payment option and charge the amount directly to their prepaid wallet or monthly bill. Due to secured and shorter checkout flow, DCB has a 10X conversion rate as compared to credit cards.

From a consumer point of view DCB is extremely straightforward and can be broken down into this simple flow:

Step 1:

The user decides to activate a gaming service account with an online or mobile gambling operator, or to be able to place bets. On the site, users see that one of the payment options of ‘Pay by phone.

Step 2:

The user selects ‘Pay by phone; to pay using DCB. The payment order is then transmitted by the gaming operator’s carrier billing provider to the player’s contracted mobile network operator (MNO). As long as there is enough credit, this can be a prepaid or postpaid account.

Step 3:

The MNO then validates the user's information in its database and accepts payment. The payment amount is then added to the monthly mobile phone bill issued by the MNO to their user/customer (if they are contract-based) or deducted from their balance (if they are pay-as-you-go).

Step 4:

The mobile phone company (MNO) confirms to the DCB provider that the user has sufficient funds to make the gambling deposit.

Step 5:

The total amount of transactions made by users of a specific mobile network operator within a specified period is transferred by the mobile network operator

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